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Miscellaneous* Hope U Feel Better Soon-USA

Usage unknown. The following message came with an attached advertisement:
"Barfing, it stinks. Sometimes its chunky, sometimes its liquidy, sometimes its colorful, and sometimes it comes out of your nose. It happens to the best of us. But thats not the problem. The problem arises when its someone else barfing and they are sitting in your car or your house. Be prepared for splattering, spraying and chunking with super spatter control barf bags. These barf bags use cutting edge vomit spray containment technology to reduce drips and eliminate leakage and stray chunks. Just barf and toss. Say goodbye to random chunks of food or mysterious goo between your seats and couch cushions. Say hello to liberty and freedom with super spatter control barf bags!"

Size: 115x240, plastic
Date Received: 1/19