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Kelly's World of Airsickness Bags

Why do I collect airsickness or barf bags? It just goes to prove the old adage that everything is potentially a collectable. I live in Alaska where most travel is by air as there are few roads here. The collection started as a diversion from too many hours spent on long airline flights staring at the seat-back pocket in front of me. These pockets generally contain in-flight magazines, safety cards and air sickness bags. I briefly considered collecting safety cards but instead zeroed in on what I considered were the often over-looked and under appreciated little air sickness bags. It probably helped that I am prone to air sickness myself on small bush aircraft which are such an essential component of travel in rural Alaska where I live. Yes, I have used airsickness bags for their stated purpose on some of these flights but the bags in my collection have never been knowingly used for that purpose.

I consider these bags as art - airline art - little icons of the sky. As I developed what started out as a mere eccentric casual hobby, it slowly developed over the years into a full blown obsession, much to the dismay of my somewhat patient and understanding wife, Audrey. I now consider it my calling to preserve this perhaps small bit of airline history before it is lost forever to future generations. My site is intended as a reference and research site for the serious collector as well as a source of information and entertainment for the casual observer. When I started collecting I thought I was perhaps unique with my collection, but as the collection grew I have found there are others out there that share my fascination with these bags. Most of the other serious collectors are based in Europe and I trade often with them. It is not easy for a North American to amass such a collection as most of the airlines based on this continent including Alaska persist in using generic white bags that do not identify the name of the airline. Perhaps it is a cost saving measure or a reluctance to admit anyone flying with them could possibly get motion sickness that result in such measures. Unfortunately the generic bags that they use are of little or no use to collectors. Please register your displeasure with airline representatives should you fly on one of these airlines and see a generic bag on board. Thankfully airlines based on the other continents of the world for the most part continue to put their name and/or logo on their air sickness bags.

Please enjoy the site and email me should you have bags to offer as contributions to this collection or for trade or sale. Suggestions to make the site more user friendly and enjoyable are appreciated.

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