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The emphasis of this collection is airsickness bags although all types of motion sickness bags are collected. The airsickness bags are divided alphabetically by first letter of the airline name. The letter "A" is divided into 3 sections as so many airlines seem to have a name starting with the letter "A"; Air New Zealand, AeroMexico, Alliance Air, etc. I have also included headings for generic, boat, train, bus/car and miscellaneous bags (such as political, movie, and other oddities). There is also a separate listing of all spares I have under Swaps. These bags are all available for trade purposes.

The airline name is listed followed by the airline's home country and the design number if there are more than one design for that airline.

All bags on this site have 2 scans, the first showing the front of the bag, the second showing the back of the bag. By clicking on either scan, a larger and clearer image will appear. Under the scan, the following additional imformation is included:

* Airline history including IATA number, ICAO number and headquarters city if known.
* Number of minor variations of that particular design if applicable
* Size of bag in metric measurements and any additional information including manufacturer's name if known
* Date the bag was received
* Donor (source of the bag)
* Spares status- if yes is indicated that means I have spares for trade (spares are also listed under swaps)