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Bald Mountain Air Service-USA

Date Airline Established: Unknown, Bald Mountain Air Service is still operating.

Headquarters: Homer, Alaska, USA

The bag was originally designed by Earl, an owner of a tee shirt shop as a bag to put tee shirts in at Homer, Alaska (a small fishing town), but the bag was also known to be used as a sea sickness bag on local fishing charter boats. Earl was a bit of a character in a town full of characters. He died recently and the tee shirt shop closed. The remaining bags were given to the small bush airline, Bald Mountain Air Service. They use the bags on all their flights, primarily charter flights to near-by Katmai National Park for bear watching. Note: the flights have been known to be turbulent and I am sure some of the bags have been used for their intended purposes.

I have 2 variations:

1. Size: 310x310, plastic, dated 1993
Date Received: 7/99
Donor: P. McElrea
2. Size: 308x400, plastic, larger bag, different top closure, dated 1993
Date Received: 10/04
Donor: Self